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In recent years, the correct use of disinfectants has become a common concern in countries around the world. With the development of large-scale livestock and poultry breeding industry, there are some new disinfectants with high efficiency, spectrum, low toxicity, irritation and corrosiveness. Commonly used disinfectants on livestock and poultry farms are as follows.

1. Environmental disinfectant for poultry farms

(1) Phenol: It is usually formulated into complex phenols in clinical practice. Complex phenols can kill bacteria, molds, viruses, parasite eggs, and even the dreaded anthrax spores. So this disinfectant is very powerful. Disinfectants are best as a new farm sanitizer and are also great for full in and out farm sanitization. However, compound phenol has an anesthetic effect and care must be taken not to contact the skin and mucous membranes.

(2) Glutaraldehyde: The disinfection effect is slightly weaker than that of compound phenol, but it is corrosive and should not be in contact with metal utensils.

(3) Sodium hydroxide: also known as caustic soda, caustic soda, has a particularly good disinfection effect on swine foot-and-mouth disease, swine erysipelas, and swine flu.

(4) Calcium oxide: It is quicklime, the cheapest and most affordable disinfectant. It can be used for moisturizing the ground, disinfection around septic tanks, and sewage can also be used for harmless treatment.

(5) Sodium dichloroisocyanurate : It can be used for disinfection of drinking water. The sodium dichloroisocyanurate disinfectant can also be used for fumigation and disinfection. White smoke is produced after ignition. For closed enclosures, three-dimensional space is better. But be careful not to inhale the fumes and be easily poisoned.

(6) Peracetic acid: It can kill bacteria viruses and spores. It also has good disinfection effect at low temperature. It is suitable for winter use and can be used for tableware disinfection.

2. Skin and mucous membrane disinfectant

(1) Ethanol: that is, alcohol. The concentration of medical alcohol should not be less than 75%. It can be used for instruments and infusion injections, and intraoperative disinfection.

(2) Povidone-iodine: an efficient and low-toxic disinfectant, which has a good killing effect on bacteria, spores and viruses. Disinfectants are best used in animal husbandry and midwives to disinfect weapons, instruments and wounds.

(3) Hydrogen peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide, that is, water containing two oxygen molecules, haha. Weak bactericidal power, but suitable for cleaning wounds, removing molting, deodorizing and stopping bleeding.

(4) Potassium permanganate: It has the functions of sterilization, deodorization and detoxification. Misuse can cause abnormal metabolism in the digestive tract.

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