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1. How to choose a good MBR bioreactor manufacturer?

Many factories now use MBR bioreactors for sewage treatment. Therefore, MBR bioreactors are highly valued by people.

However, there are many MBR membrane manufacturers on the market. How to choose a good mbr membrane manufacturer is particularly important. The following shares some relevant knowledge that consumers need to pay attention to when choosing a manufacturer.

First, consider the manufacturer's supply capabilities. Since we choose MBR bioreactor manufacturers to work with, the number of products that may be required at one time is also very large.

If we really want to cooperate with manufacturers, we need to consider each other's supply capabilities in many aspects, and try to cooperate directly with large manufacturers.

The scale of the enterprise actually proves its strength, even if we need a large amount of products, we are able to buy various types of MBR bioreactors at one time, and this will not affect our daily production, so we should focus on supply capacity first .

Second, consider whether the manufacturer has corresponding preferential treatment. MBR bioreactor manufacturers are still willing to cooperate with some companies that can cooperate for a long time.

Especially some wholesalers, who may buy many MBR bioreactors on a regular basis, of course, it is more cost-effective to work directly with the manufacturer.

However, each manufacturer's preferential policies are also different, so we must make multiple measures, price concessions or other discounts need to be clearly stated in our contract, only when the other party can provide us with preferential policies, can we really protect Our rights save a lot of money.

2. How does the MBR bioreactor assembly work?

With the development of science and technology, some new processes have been applied to the activated sludge process. As an emerging material science, membrane treatment technology has been widely used in the water treatment industry.

In the drinking water industry, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and other water purification technologies have been realized by using membrane materials with different pore sizes, and they have also been used in water purification devices in ordinary people's homes.

In the sewage treatment industry, with the gradual improvement of sewage treatment effluent quality under strict standards, MBR bioreactor components have been gradually applied to sewage treatment.

Some sewage plants with higher water quality requirements use MBR membrane bioreactors as part of the activated sludge treatment process, which improves the sewage treatment effect to a certain extent.

Due to the existence of MBR bioreactor components, the solid-liquid separation capacity of the system has been greatly improved, and the effluent quality and volumetric load of the MBR membrane bioreactor have been greatly improved.

The water quality standard after membrane treatment is high, and after disinfection with water disinfectant powder, high-quality reclaimed water with good water quality and biosafety is formed, which can be directly used as a new water source.

Due to the filtration effect of the membrane, the microorganisms are completely trapped in the MBR membrane bioreactor, which realizes the complete separation of HRT and activated sludge, and eliminates the sludge bulking problem of the traditional activated sludge method.

In recent decades, membrane bioreactor technology has achieved remarkable achievements in international academic research and engineering applications, and has continued to develop in many new fields such as the pig pen disinfectant. However, the MBR process still faces many technical and development challenges in order to further enhance its core competitiveness.

Membrane material is the core of membrane separation technology, especially the MBR process works in the sewage treatment system, and the membrane is in high-concentration sludge for a long time. How to ensure its flux and the life of regular use is particularly critical.

In order to give full play to the advantages of the MBR process, the manufacturing level of MBR membranes should be improved, new membrane materials for urban sewage treatment should be developed, and existing membrane materials should be modified to prepare high flux, high strength, high hydrophilicity, and low cost. membrane material.

The optimization of MBR bioreactor components is crucial to the operation of the actual device and is a key factor restricting the wide-scale application of membrane bioreactor technology. The development of new membrane modules with superior performance, strong anti-pollution and energy saving can promote the development of MBR process.

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