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Rosun special hand wash contains pharmaceutical-grade antibacterial component trichloro hydroxy diphenyl ether, which can inhibit bacteria, fungi, and viruses for a long time, and effectively remove protein stains such as blood and body fluid. 

Effectively inhibit a variety of common bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, pyogenic cocci, and intestinal pathogens. 

The pH value of hand sanitizer is close to the human body, the mild formula is not irritating, the foam is low and easy to clean. 

Safety ingredients don't irritate the skin protect your family's health by washing.

Types of Hand Wash

500ml Hand Wash
500ml Hand Wash
Product usage:Remove all kinds of blood stains, various liquids and other hospital common stains, inhibit hand bacteria growth, nourish hand skin.

Characteristics Of Special Hand Wash

  • Remove all kinds of stains, liquids, and other common hospital stains.

  • Low foam, easy to rinse, no greasy feeling.

  • 10-12 hours long-lasting antibacterial.

  • Moisturizing ingredients, long-term moisturizing, nourishing hand skin.
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