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Rosun's Technology Center was established in 2013 under the direct leadership of Ms. Yu Jingru, the chairman of the company. More than 50% of the company's products are patented products. 

The technical center of disinfectant company also employs experts in the field of disinfectology and water treatment to form an expert committee, which is responsible for consulting and evaluating the research and development direction, major technical issues, and project progress of the technical center. The animal disinfectant products innovation team of the technology center has profound professional skills and rich experience in research and development. 

There are both senior technical personnel with many years of research experience and fresh blood who have just graduated. The combination of new and old makes the company's research and development team have a strong ability to ensure the leading technological advantage of the company's disinfectant products such as the pond disinfectant. At present, 90% of the existing technical researchers in the enterprise technology center have bachelor's degrees or above, and 5 people have master's degrees.

In addition, the company also employs 7 well-known technical experts in the animal disinfectant products industry. The research and development direction involves high-end environmental protection water disinfection agents, water treatment agents and their adding equipment, skin mucous membrane disinfectant, anti-bacterial agents, surface disinfectant, air disinfectant, cattle shed disinfectant etc. 

Meanwhile, we provide environmental protection engineering design, construction, pharmaceutical supply, equipment supply, professional maintenance.

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