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MBR flat sheet membrane is composed of high anti-pollution filtration membrane and guide grid, and the guide grid adopts a new "hollow low resistance" flow channel planning, combined with a common single-side full-channel water collection planning, making pumping faster, smoother, and more balanced, and maximizing the reduction of membrane pollution risk. The activated sludge in the MBR membrane tank is blocked on the surface of the membrane element, and the filtered water is pumped out through a negative pressure pump. In addition, MBR flat membrane adopts array structure, making the membrane component occupy smaller area and more energy-saving.

1. Advantages of MBR flat sheet membrane

During the operation of MBR flat sheet membrane, no backwash is needed, making the process more simple and the structure more reasonable. It will not cause excessive attachment of pollutants and there is no problem of fouling. Although the initial MBR membrane price can be higher than other technologies, it delivers significant savings in the long run, providing an affordable solution for wastewater treatment in the pharmaceutical industry.

The replacement of MBR flat membrane sheet is very convenient. When a single membrane sheet is damaged, only one sheet needs to be replaced instead of the entire component. The cleaning of MBR flat membrane bioreactor is also convenient. Once the flat membrane is polluted, it can be restored by online drug washing or empty exposure. Offline cleaning can be done by using tap water to rinse the surface of the membrane, completing the rapid cleaning of the membrane and prolonging the service life. Compared with the operation cost, protection cost, and application effect, MBR flat membrane still has a lower maintenance cost.

MBR flat sheet membrane component is composed of multiple membrane elements arranged in parallel, and the gap between the membrane sheets is adjustable, which is conducive to the control of aeration cleaning. Therefore, the anti-pollution function of flat membrane component is better. MBR flat membrane element is composed of membrane sheet, guide layer and ABS support plate, while the traditional hollow fiber membrane is self-supporting. Compared with the hollow fiber membrane, the mechanical strength of flat membrane component is better and there is no problem of broken wire that troubles the traditional component.

2. MBR flat sheet membrane is an important sewage treatment equipment

The water treated by MBR flat sheet membrane can often be used for non-potable water occupations such as garden greening, irrigation, environmental sanitation, and cleaning. MBR membrane can also be used for wastewater treatment in various industrial enterprises, as well as for hotels, restaurants, residential areas, schools, and hospital sewage treatment. It is widely used in some residential areas, hotels and restaurants, vacation areas, schools, office buildings, etc.

The reason why MBR flat sheet membrane can be widely promoted is closely related to its advantages:

Firstly, because membrane bioreactor is a membrane separation technology. This membrane separation technology does not require other solid-liquid separation equipment and filters. The membrane bioreactor can separate a large number of suspended solids, colloid substances, and microbial communities in wastewater without the need for tertiary treatment, which can directly be reused. The use of membrane bioreactor can achieve strong digestion capacity, high pollutant removal rate, and water quality safety.

Secondly, due to the high oxygen utilization efficiency of MBR flat sheet membrane and the common intermittent operation method, the operating time and power consumption of aeration equipment are greatly reduced, which saves energy for end-users.

Thirdly, because the membrane can filter out bacteria and other harmful substances to human health, it can greatly save disinfection costs and does not require the addition of flocculants, which also reduces operating costs.

From the above advantages, energy-saving, cost-saving, safety, convenience, and high effluent water quality are the reasons for the widespread use of MBR membrane bioreactor.

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