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Roxycide is highly efficient, continuous bactericidal action, non-corrosive, stable in nature, suitable for a wide range, and can be stored for a long time. The drug has a killing effect on various bacteria, viruses, molds and algae. It is harmless to humans, livestock and poultry, has no irritation and side effects. It can be used to disinfect ducks drinking water, disinfect ducks, and can also be used for emergency disinfection when infectious diseases occur.

Types of Duck Disinfectant

Roxycide for Veterinary Disinfection
Roxycide for Veterinary Disinfection
Proven efficacy against bacteria, viruses, fungi. Fast-acting high activity against biofilms. Wide Applications: Surface, Aerial, Water Livestock Environmentally Friendly Poultry, Swine, Aquaculture, Pet...
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How To Clean a Duck Coop?

How To Clean a Duck Coop?

1. Clean up items, such as food, drinking water tanks

2. Carefully clean up the garbage in every corner

3. Rinse the duck ring with water

4. Sterilize the prepared disinfectant solution, the spray type is the best.

FAQs Of Duck Disinfectant

How often should you clean a duck pen?

Routine disinfection of the duck house should be done once a week, and the duck house and surrounding environment should be thoroughly disinfected once a month. If there is an epidemic in the surrounding area, disinfection should be strengthened. Depending on the situation, it must be disinfected twice a week. In the use of disinfectants, two or more duck hospital grade disinfectant should be used alternately to prevent germs from becoming resistant to disinfectants.

What is the best disinfectant for duck pen?

(1) Formaldehyde is a colorless liquid with a strong pungent odor. It has a strong bactericidal effect and can kill all microorganisms including bacterial spores, fungi and viruses.

(2) Lysurer (cresol soap solution) has a strong ability to kill bacteria, but has a poor killing effect on spores and viruses. It can be used to disinfect the floor, walls, utensils, and excrement of duck houses.

(3) Compound phenol is a new, broad-spectrum and efficient compound disinfectant.

How do I stop my duck pen from smelling?

1. Add compound probiotics to feed or drinking water

Second, spray biological deodorant disinfectant to quickly deodorize

3. Solve the problem of duck manure treatment: purchase professional starter for activation, the operation of the initial fermentation of duck manure, and the operation of continuous fermentation of chicken and duck manure
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