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MBR membranes are mainly divided into four types according to their structure: hollow fiber MBRs, flat sheet membranes, ceramic membranes, and tubular membranes. Among them, flat sheet membranes are widely used and have the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption, and strong adaptability.

MBR flat sheet membrane has been gradually applied in the sewage treatment of related industries. Let's take a look at the advantages of mbr reactor flat sheet membrane compared with hollow fiber MBR.

Ⅰ. MBR flat sheet membrane has better anti-fouling performance

MBR flat sheet membrane bioreactor can adjust the aeration intensity at the bottom of the module. Through the scouring action of the soda-water mixture on the surface of the membrane, the attachments on the surface of the membrane are well removed.

Even if there is accumulation on the membrane surface due to factors such as excessive sludge viscosity in a short period of time, the MBR flat sheet membrane can be taken out as a single piece.

After removing the stains by rinsing with a low-pressure water gun, the MBR flat sheet membrane is assembled back into the membrane module, so that the MBR flat sheet membrane can run effectively for a long time, while the hollow fiber MBR cannot be cleaned by this method.

During the operation of the hollow fiber MBR bioreactor, the membrane filaments are always in a shaking state under the state of aeration, so these hairs can easily entangle the membrane filaments.

When the sludge concentration reaches a certain level, mud lumps will appear, causing more and more film filaments to be entangled together. The effective membrane area of the hollow fiber filaments is greatly reduced, resulting in a sharp decrease in the membrane flux, and such problems are also difficult to repair and usually can only be replaced.

Ⅱ. MBR flat sheet membrane has good mechanical stability and there is no wire breakage

In the actual types of disinfectant products use process, the hollow fiber MBR module will inevitably break the wire, which is fatal to the membrane bioreactor. Not only will it seriously affect the effluent quality, but also lead to the scrapping of the entire component.

The difference is that there is a non-woven fabric inside the MBR flat sheet membrane as a guide layer, and a 3mm to 5mm ABS plate as a support layer. Therefore, the strength is much higher than that of hollow fibers, and there is no similar phenomenon at all, which can completely ensure high-quality effluent quality.

Ⅲ. The MBR flat sheet membrane is easier to clean and the cleaning cycle is longer

The cleaning of membrane modules is divided into online cleaning and offline cleaning. Compared with the hollow fiber MBR bioreactor, the cleaning cycle of the MBR flat sheet membrane bioreactor is longer, and the cleaning cycle can reach more than 3 months.

And if the working pressure is always in a relatively low state, it may not even be cleaned. The MBR flat sheet  membrane module can also recover the membrane flux through physical cleaning methods such as low-pressure water gun flushing. And this is almost impossible for china disinfectant hollow fiber MBRs.

Ⅳ. MBR flat sheet membranes have long life and low operating costs

The replacement cycle of MBR flat sheet membrane is longer than that of hollow fiber MBR, the operating cost is greatly reduced, and good operating conditions are ensured. At the same time, MBR flat sheet membrane can be replaced by a single sheet, and the replacement cost is relatively low.

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