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Against the backdrop of increasing global water scarcity and increasing environmental awareness, the Singapore international water week 2024(SIWW2024), an international event for the water treatment industry, opened at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre in Singapore on June 19th to 21th, 2024.

As a pioneer in the domestic water treatment industry, Chengdu Rosun Disinfection Pharmaceutical company. also brought the latest technological achievements to this exhibition, and jointly explore the future development trend of the water treatment industry with global peers.

SIWW2024 is a grand event with thousands of exhibitors and tens of thousands of professional visitors from all over the world, which not only provides exhibitors with a platform to display cutting-edge technologies and broaden international horizons, but also an important bridge for communication and cooperation in the global water treatment industry.

In this exhibition, the exhibits products of ROSUN company focuses on water treatment disinfection, MBR water treatment membrane and water treatment intelligent operation system, bringing diversified water treatment solutions to the visitors.

Among them, we have received good reviews from Mexico, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore visitors, and these visitors have a strong interest in the water treatment samples that we have brought.We had an in-depth communication to understand the use and performance of our product.

Through display and communication at the exhibition site, ROSUN company product technology has been widely concerned and recognized by global peers, further enhancing ROSUN company international status in China's water treatment industry.

The successful holding of SIWW2024 has injected new vitality and momentum into the global water treatment industry. In the future, ROSUN company will continue to actively participate in international communication and cooperation to promote the innovation and development of water treatment technology.

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