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MBR flat membrane is a new membrane technology that has been widely used recently. Its full name is membrane bioreactor, and its biggest advantage is that it completely replaces the location of the secondary deposition pond and has the same function as the secondary deposition pond. So what are the general classifications of MBR membranes and their advantages?

1. Classification of MBR flat sheet membrane

MBR membranes can be roughly divided into PTFE and PVDF membrane raw materials. PVDF membrane elements usually have a relatively short service life and a relatively low price, but their anti-fouling ability is relatively poor compared with PTFE membrane elements. The selection basis in actual use is to confirm the selected membrane element according to the cost performance of the membrane element and the detailed variety of wastewater. The membrane technology components that need to be selected in different places will also be different.

2. Use of MBR flat sheet membrane

In order to prevent the membrane element from being contaminated during use, the MBR filter membrane needs to be pretreated before use. No matter what kind of membrane element is not pretreated, it will form the result of fouling. If the MBR flat membrane is fouled, the membrane element must be replaced. Aeration treatment can also extend the service life of MBR flat membranes. When microbial oxygen is supplied to the surface of the membrane element, the membrane element can be washed by the method of oscillation, which can also prevent the fouling of the membrane element. No matter what kind of pollutants will form deposits, perhaps such a process will be relatively slow, but the contamination of membrane elements cannot be prevented, so when the contamination of membrane elements is not particularly serious, it is necessary to clean the membrane elements at the physical level in advance, that is, the membrane elements are washed with water or machine washed.

3. Advantages of MBR flat sheet membrane

(1) Simple operation, easy to complete automation: the work control is more convenient, and the computer automatic control can be completed, thus making the operation easier.

(2) The amount of remaining sludge is small: it can work in the state of low sludge load and high volume load, and the output of remaining sludge is low, which reduces the cost of sludge treatment.

(3) The quality of the effluent after treatment is excellent and stable: because the MBR flat membrane has a high-efficiency separation effect, the separation effect of the MBR membrane is clearer than that of the traditional sedimentation tank, and the treated water is clearer.

(4) It is easy to transform from traditional processes: it can be widely used in the field of urban sewage recycling.

(5) The area is small and will not be restricted by the occasion: the bioreactor can maintain a high concentration of microorganisms, the volume load of the processing equipment is high, and the floor area is greatly saved; the process flow is simple, the structure is compact, and the floor space is small. Suitable for any occasion.

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