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The water quality of landfill leachate is quite complicated, generally containing high concentrations of organic matter, heavy metal salts, SS, and ammonia nitrogen. Landfill leachate not only pollutes soil and surface water sources but also pollutes groundwater, if it is discharged directly into the environment without treatment, it will cause serious environmental pollution. For the purpose of protecting the environment, it is essential to treat leachate.

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) is a new process combining ultrafiltration membrane and activated sludge biochemical treatment technology. Substituting the membrane separation process to replace the gravity sedimentation process, regardless of the sedimentation performance of the sludge particles, the solid-liquid separation process can be completed, and system operation failures caused by sludge loss can be avoided. The membrane bioreactor combined with membrane separation and activated sludge process can process carbon-containing organic matter, which can deeply oxidize the organic matter, and can completely retain the organism so that the sludge can be retained for a long time, thereby completely retaining the slow-growing nitrification in the system Bacteria can successfully treat nitrogen through nitrification and denitrification at the same time, and can maintain high processing capacity at low temperatures.

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