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3-inch Automatic Disc Water Filter Introduction

The 3-inch Automatic Disc Filter is equipped with self-locking filtration that ensures consistent filtration efficiency. It can effectively capture soft and fibrous impurities.

Our 3-inch automatic backwash disc filter features Israel's cutting-edge recoil unit, which can complete backwashing in just 7-20 seconds. Typically, the backwash water consumption is less than 0.5% of the filtered water volume. The recoil unit efficiently handles viscous and fibrous impurities. Additionally, the 3-inch disc water  filter offers an external recoil mode that can reduce the required amount of filter liquid to zero.

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Features and Advantages of 3 inch Automatic Disc Water Filter

  • Super-speed and backwashing;

  • Technical characteristics of accurate filtering and continuous filtration;

  • Easy operation and assembly, low cost of maintenance.

Specification of 3 inch Automatic Disc Water Filter

Filter unit3 inch
Number of filter elements2
Filtration accuracy20um-400um
Backwash pressuregreater than 2.8Bar
Maximum working pressure10Bar
Filtration area1760cm3
Backwash flow rate8.11m3/h x 2
Maximum flow30t/h
Backwash time10-20 seconds
External materialReinforced Nylon, PP
Inlet and outlet interface3 inch clamp
Dimensions865 x 320 x200

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