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industrial sand filter
industrial sand filter
auto backwash sand filter
automatic backwash sand filter
industrial sand filter
sand filter automatic backwash

An automatic Sand Filter can remove both small and large particles. The working principle of automatic sand filter machine: when filtration, the unfiltered water passes through the water distributor, cooperates with the specially designed shell, and reaches the packing layer in the filter in a state of close to advection. When water flows through the packing layer, impurities are trapped in the packing layer. There is a specially designed branch pipe water collector at the bottom of the filter, which collects the filtered water evenly and flows out. Advective filtration determines that the filter can achieve a good filtering effect filter at a high flow rate.

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Features and Advantages of Automatic Sand Filter

  • It can remove various suspended particles.

  • convenient to cooperate with low maintenance.

  • effective filtration and long use life.

Specification of Automatic Sand Filter

Treatment flowminimum 0.3m3/h
Medium heightgenerally 40cm (final according to actual project conditions)
Backwashing water consumptionless than 2% of the system water treatment
Self-cleaning control modedifferential pressure, time, and manual
Electric control modesingle-phase AC 220V or DC control
The water source for cleaninginternal and external cleaning, no need for air washing.
Installation modewhich can be stacked up and down or placed in parallel, multi-column parallel, etc.

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