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auto filtration
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automatic filtration
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Hydro-electric Automatic Self-cleaning Filteradopts the latest innovation filtration technology, processing a large amount of water volume, filter area is large, the filtering effect is good, combined with the advantages of hydraulic and electric filter, and can work in the system low pressure, reasonable use of the system's hydraulic energy and electric energy.

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Features and Advantages of Hydro-Electric Automatic Water

  • Automatic self-cleaning strainer of Innovative filtration technology

  • The maximum treatment flow of a single machine can reach 1700m3/h

  • Combines the advantages of hydraulic and electric filters

  • It can work under low pressure of the system (IBAR), making reasonable use of the hydraulic energy and electric energy of the system

Specification of Hydro-Electric Automatic Water

Nominal flow per unit1700m³/h
Minimum working pressure1-16bar (15psi)
Filtration accuracy range10-3000 microns
Self-cleaning water requirement (at minimum working pressure) 70 liters
Electric motor3 phase, 0.37KW

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