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Efficient against hand intestinal pathogen, pyogenic coccus, saccharomyces, and common pathogens.

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Features of 50ml Skin Disinfectant

  • Double sterilization formula, broad-spectrum against intestinal pathogens, pyogenic coccus, saccharomyces, and common pathogenic bacteria in the hospital.

  • Unique skincare factor deeply nourishes hand skin.

  • One-way pump head, aseptic design, easy to use, healthy and safe.

  • Quick-dry spray, short-lasting duration, quick effect, small skin damage.

Specifications of 50ml Skin Disinfectant

Product Name

Skin disinfectant

Active Ingredients

Chlorhexidine Acetate4.4g/L-5.4g/L,Ethyl Alcohol 70.0%-75.0%(v/v)






Hygiene hand disinfection

Wash Style



against 99.999% Germs



Shelf life

24 months



Case Pack

360 pcs/ctn


CNAS test report,MSDS,ISO9001,ISO14001,FDA


Free Sample 2-7 Days(Express Paid By Yourself)

Application Range of 50ml Skin Disinfectant

  • Applicable for hand disinfection of medical workers before, during, and after all kinds of diagnosing and curing activities.

  • Hand disinfection of inpatients and outpatients.

  • Hand disinfection of the general population.

Application Site

Disinfection Object

Medical Facilities

Hand and skin of patients and doctors, medical supplies

Household Environment

Hand and skin, household supplies

Other Places

Object surface disinfection

Washfree, Quick Drying

No stickiness, 10s quick-drying, heat preservation, and nongreasy.

50ml Skin Disinfectant

50ml Skin Disinfectant

Usage and Dosage of 50ml Skin Disinfectant

  • Hand disinfection: put enough product in your palm cover with your other hand and rub briskly until dry.

  • Skin Disinfection at the injection site: wipe 2-3 times with the product on the skin surface ready to be injected for 1-3minutes.

  • Object Surface Disinfection: spray the product on the object surface until wet for 3-5 minutes.

50ml skin disinfectant

Precautions of 50ml Skin Disinfectant

  • This product is for external use, please do not take it by mouth, avoid eye contact, and keep it away from infants and young children.

  • This product is flammable, away from an open fire.

  • If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.

  • If you are allergic to alcohol, please consult your doctor.

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