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Disinfectant Powder SE-1
Disinfectant Powder SE-1
Disinfectant Powder SE-1
Disinfectant Powder SE-1
Disinfectant Powder SE-1
Disinfectant Powder SE-1

Rosun potassium monopersulfate disinfectant powder is an advanced oxidation technology basing on sulfate radical [SO4-], using potassium monopersulfate compound powder(2KHSO5.KHSO4.K2SO4)as its active ingredient.

By using high-energy activation technology to produce active oxygen [O] through the chain reaction after being dissolved in water, it produces different kinds of high effective redox potentials, such as small molecule free radicals with high energy and high activity, a new ecological oxygen atom, hydroxyl radical [.OH], and sulfate radical [SO4-.]. Thus this potassium monopersulfate disinfectant becomes a high-effective disinfectant.

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Feature of Disinfectant Powder SE-1

  • The product's main active ingredient is active free radical, will not produce any harmful by-products, will not cause environmental pollution.

  • 1. Continuously produce a large number of active ingredients, When the product dissolved in water, through a cycle chain reaction, it will continuously produce Active Oxygen (O), Sulfate-free radical[SO4- ], hydroxyl free radical [ .OH ] which have strong oxidizing property, synergetic sterilization.

    2. Active ingredients with high oxidation potential can remove alga, oxidize and degrade the organic matter, pesticide residue, heavy metal, etc.

  • Except for active oxygen[ O ], the product will also release other active ingredients like [SO4- ·], [ OH· ],[ H2O2·], HClO, etc. These active ingredients will have an overall efficacy for bacterias, viruses, fungus, bacteria spores, algae spores, etc.

  • Friendly to man, animals, and the environment, non-toxicity and non-irritant.

  • With lower disinfectant consumption, it will save much invest on transportation, storage, application, etc.

  • A powder for easy storage and transportation and accurate dilution. Suitable for all types of animals and birds in all types of farms, hatcheries, processing plants, and healthcare facilities, and can be used both by manual or machine application to aerial, surface, water, and watering system.

Product Mechanism of Disinfectant Powder SE-1

Product Mechanism

Usage and dosage of Disinfectant Powder SE-1

Disinfected Object

Suggested Dosage

Contact Time


City Sewage Water



Dissolved in water at 1%~2% concentration
Quantitative dosing

Hospital Sewage Water



Swimming Pool



Potassium Monopersulfate Disinfectant Application Scenarios


           Municipal Sewage                      Hospital Wastewater                         Swimming Pool

Storage of Potassium Monopersulfate Disinfectant

Period of validity: 24 months (suggest finish the use of its solutions within 5 days after dilution) 

Caution and storage:

  • For external use only, keep out of reach of children.

  • Do not mix or use together with an alkaline material, try to avoid metal containers.

  • Keep tight of the container after use and store it in a cool and dry place. 

  • Wear protecting clothing when touching the powder.

Recommended Dosing Point of Disinfectant Powder SE-1


Application Cases of Disinfectant Powder SE-1



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