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Polymer Drilling Fluid Additive
Polymer Drilling Fluid Additive
Polyacrylamide Friction Reducer

In oil and gas field applications, Rosun, a leading polyacrylamide manufacturer, offers premium-quality PAM Polyacrylamide powder. This versatile product serves as drilling fluid additives, polymer flooding agents, acid thickening agents, water plugging agents, and fracturing fluid friction reducers. Additionally, we provide high-efficiency clean fracturing systems to optimize operational processes in the industry.

PAM is employed in oilfields to increase oil production by improving the viscosity of water, reducing friction, and improving oil displacement. If you are looking for a reliable polyacrylamide manufacturer for oil & gas field applications, don't hesitate to contact us!

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Polyacrylamide Application:

  1. Drilling Fluid Additives:

    Polymers, defined as large molecules comprised of small, identical recurring units, are widely used in water-based muds. Polymers are known as PHPA, and HPAM in drilling applications.

  2. Viscosifier & Shale Inhibitor Category:

    These are polyacrylamide-based polymers, which could provide excellent viscosity and suspension properties in all water-based mud systems. These series products are additive for drilling fluids that can be used to inhibit shale hydration expansion and dispersion and prevent wellbore collapse. Small molecular quaternary ammonium salt can enter the interlayer of clay crystal and enable an excellent shale inhibition performance.

  3. Enhance Oil Recovery Oil Flooding Polymer:

    The complexity of the geology and other characteristics of oil reservoirs mean that different polymer products are required for different reservoirs. We have conventional polymer, superior polymer, HE polymer, and Nano microsphere polymer.

  4. Hydraulic Fracturing Additive:

    Hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking", is the most common and important method of oil and gas stimulation. For turbulent flow in the pipe, a highly efficient polyacrylamide friction reducer is needed to improve the flow rate. It can be supplied in polyacrylamide powder form, W/W liquid, W/O emulsion, and High Efficiency Suspension. They have marvelous achievements as fracking reducers and sand carrier thickeners by adjusting the dosage.

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