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Polyacrylamide PAM for Mineral
Polyacrylamide PAM for Mineral
Polyacrylamide PAM for Mineral Processing

Rosun manufactures a unique grade of polyacrylamide, which is designed to meet various requirements in mineral processing. This specialized product offers exceptional stability, robust adsorption and bridging capabilities, effective flocculation, rapid settling, and excellent resistance to high temperatures and salinity. Our comprehensive approach encompasses the entire mining-to-mineral or metal processing cycle, including tailings management. We can customize a solution to enhance your production yield and reduce your overall operational costs.

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Polyacrylamide Flocculant Application in Mineral Processing


In mineral flotation process, the ores are put into the crusher and pass through the flotation machine and then go for process of the thickening, polyacrylamide (pam) is widely used as sedimentation flocculant to solid liquid separation in thickeners.


Tailing Treatment

polyacrylamide can be used in various tailing water treatment with different concentrations such as copper ore, gold and silver ore, lead-zinc ore, nickel ore. etc. polyacrylamide has the Characters of small dosage, fast sedimentation speed which can effectively clarify tailing water and make fine particles quickly agglomerate and settle, improve the working efficiency of the settling tank, so as to save water and prevent pollution.


Concentrate Dewatering

In order to meet the subsequent smelting requirements of the concentrate or reduce the transportation cost, the flotation concentrate requires further dewatering treatment. PAM can be widely used in the dewatering process of various concentrates.

The Working Principle Of Polyacrylamide In Mineral Processing

Polyacrylamide (PAM) operates on the fundamental principle of enhancing mineral processing by improving the separation of valuable minerals, such as copper, gold, or iron. It achieves this through its unique properties, including its ability to form large, efficient flocs, which aid in the separation of minerals from ore and water. 

Additionally, PAM can act as a flocculant, causing fine particles to aggregate, facilitating their removal from the mineral slurry. This process leads to increased mineral recovery rates and the efficient recycling of water, ultimately reducing environmental impact and improving the overall efficiency of mineral processing operations.

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polyacrylamide uses
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