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Waterless Hand Cleaner Gel
Waterless Hand Cleaner Gel

Description of Waterless Hand Cleaner Gel

Water hand wash portable mini waterless antibacterial hand sanitizer gel with the package of 100ml,500ml; Waterless hand cleaner gel with 75% alcohol to reduce the number of germs on hands; ROSUN hands sanitizer gels are proven to kill 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness and keep you healthy in the most demanding environments. It uses for handwashing to decrease bacteria on the skin.

The Formula of Waterless Hand Cleaner Gel

Ethanol, Carbomer, Glycerol, 2-amino-2-methyl propanol, Water, etc.

Application of Waterless Hand Cleaner Gel

Application Site

Disinfection Object

Medical Facilities

Hand and skin of patients and doctors, medical supplies

Household Environment

Hand and skin, household supplies

Other Places

Object surface disinfection

Features of Waterless Hand Cleaner Gel

  • With 75% alcohol.

  • Can be used with or without water.

  • Won't leave greasy or oily residues behind.

  • Quick and effective.

  • Customized service for packing, logo available.

Warnings of Waterless Hand Cleaner Gel

  • Keep away from fire or flame, for external use only.

  • Don't use in eyes; In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water during using it.

  • Stop use and ask a doctor if irritation and redness develop and persist.

  • Keep out of reach of children.

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