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Polyacrylamide (PAM) is a general term for acrylamide homopolymer or polymer copolymerized with other monomers. It is a linear water-soluble high molecular weight polymer which can be used in the solid-liquid separation process in waste water treatment process, including sedimentation, clarification, concentration, sludge dewatering and other processes.

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Polyacrylamide Application:

Municipal waste water treatment

More than 90% of urban sewage is water, and the rest is solid material. They generally contain suspended solids, pathogens (including bacteria, parasites, viruses), organic matter, and phytonutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus). Depending on the source of pollution, urban sewage may also contain a variety of inorqanic pollutants and organic pollutants. PAM is mainly used in settling gas flotation process and sludge removal process.


Sugar industry treatment process

PAM application for sugar cane refining in three main aspects:

  • Sugarcane juice clarification: about 105℃,bagasse precipitation-filter cake,14-20 Brix.

  • Syrup concentration: 85-90℃,so that the syrup is concentrated to 65Brix

  • Sewage treatment: squeezer / generator cooling water, equipment cleaning/ floor cleaning/ boiler dust removal waste water, evaporation/crystallization condensate, etc.


Paper industry waste water treatment process

Polyacrylamide is mainly used in the treatment of papermaking wastewater in the sedimentation tank, air flotation tank and advanced treatment. Generally, inorganic flocculants are used in combination with polyacrylamide. The sedimentation tank is mostly used with anions, and the air flotation tank is mostly used with cations.


Dyeing plant treatment process

It is recommended to use medium molecular weight and medium or low charge cationic PAM. It should be combined with other products (coagulant) to do dying plant waste water treatment.

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